Traveling to Morocco in 2017 was a highlight of the year. I traveled with 4 other photographers and in 6 days we covered thousands of miles. We slept in the dessert, rode camels, shopped in the souks of Casablanca and Marrakech , bargained with the merchants, and drove over the Atlas Mountains. It was an adventure of a life time and one I’ll never forget.

Walking home 2  (1 of 1).jpgBack Alley
Tea Session in Du Sud

Tea Session in Du Sud

The Atlas Mountain Range
Dunes at Midnight
Morning Light on the Dunes

Morning Light on the Dunes

Morning light
The Rug Merchants

The Rug Merchants

Spices in the market
Night Alley
hassan mosque  arch 2
Essaouira Harbor
Essaouira Abandoned shops
The Bakery
Waiting for afternoon prayer
The Atlas Mountain village in the distance
Merchant Du Sud
Blue star in the alley
The red sand
Busy Hands
Orange Robe
View from the Riad Mimouna
bw caravan du sud  (1 of 1).jpg